Skynet’s Judgment Day edges closer

And so Skynet edges closer to becoming reality? The artificial intelligence of James Cameron lore, a computer virus plugged into America’s defense systems that decides to start a nuclear war. When Skynet sends word to men buried deep in their missile silo bunker underground to flick the launch switch, they do it without questioning. But what about the bomber pilots? Did they blindly follow Skynet’s orders, even though there was no attack on US soil taking place?

The survivors of Judgment Day in ‘Terminator Salvation’ will never know. All we know today is that the US has taken one step closer to facilitating a future Skynet. Witness this here article. It shows X-47B experimental stealth bomber aircraft, piloted by – you guessed it – networked computers.

They will be able to take off and land from aircraft carries. Well, that is the plan. And who will stop them from taking off with a nuclear payload when some wacko computer in some deep bunker orders them to…?

Must we really prepare for…this?