Dit is waarom Obama niet gelooft in belastingverhoging

“Mensen hebben waarschijnlijk beperkt trek in belast-en-geef-uit transferstrategieĆ«n, want ze zien dat hun inkomens niet zijn gestegen, dat hun lonen nauwelijks omhoog zijn gegaan. Het is dan logisch dat mensen denken dat (de opbrengsten van) nieuwe belastingen eerder anderen ten goede zullen komen, dat ze er niet op vertrouwen dat het geld goed wordt besteed, […]

Liz Cheney is just plain crazy

One wonders why certain people get dragged from underneath their rock and elevated into important positions, where they can actually do a lot of damage. From her bile in The Wall Street Journal about Obama’s trip to Moscow, it is clear that former State Department official Liz Cheney understands nothing – exactly zilch – of […]

Lurch to the left? No. A correction? Yes.

Republicans are astonished and, in some cases, sickened by the ‘lurch to the left’ that America made by voting for Barack Obama. To them, I say: don’t be silly.

Don’t doubt the changed face of America

Had enough? I have

Obama, the new Bill Clinton?

John Nichols, Obama and Afghanistan

John Nichols of thenation.com is getting a bit infatuated with Barack Obama. That’s fine, a lot of journalists are being sucked in. John McCain should stop bitching about it – he was yesterday’s sweetheart for a long time, but that’s what he is. Yesterday’s news, just like Hillary Clinton was. So it was refreshing to […]

Objectivity is always the victim of competition. Go ask Politico.com

Last week saw yet another victim of the war on two fronts that is coverage of political campaigning on one hand, and fighting off the competition on the other hand. The editor of Politico.com, a new political news website that shot to prominence, admitted that he allowed an article put up on the site which […]

Prediction: she’s going to lose.

Hillary Clinton is going to lose the nomination battle. If not the delegates, then most certainly the Democratic ‘hearts and minds’. Should she win the battle, it will be because what Obama did and got was too little, too late. But once the Democratic convention comes rolling along in 6 months, most Dems won’t want […]

Forget Iowa: It’s New Hampshire, Stupid!

Memo to pundits, political junkies and reporters: with less than three weeks to go to the Iowa caucuses, expect the Clinton campaign to start downtalking the importance of Iowa while beefing up New Hampshire. The reasoning: the Clintons were never that strong in Iowa, but New Hampshire has always been the ‘litmus state’ for any […]