Sisyfus Obama

Obama krijgt waarschijnlijk zijn tweede termijn, maar met veel liefde zal het niet gaan. In plaats van de enthousiaste meute die in 2008 stond te popelen om de nieuwe belofte in het Witte Huis te krijgen, moet Obama vechten voor iedere stem. Daarna zal hij vier jaar lang in de loopgraven moeten doorbrengen om zijn […]

Only re-election can save Obama’s legacy

Obama’s signature reforms hang in the balance. To preserve them, re-election in 2012 is not merely an option: it is an obligation. If he wins re-election, he will gain the strongest possible ally in his quest to solidify his reforms, and thus his legacy: time.

Obama criticized for the wrong reasons

“The administrati0n’s stimulus program has failed.” Thus began an op-ed by economist Allan Meltzer, of Carnegie Mellon University, in the Wall Street Journal of June 30. Yes, the gazillion dollar splurge failed – but not for the reasons Meltzer, or any other critics of Barack Obama’s administration tend to push. The stimulus bill failed because […]

Is Obama Losing The Health Communications Battle?

|Six months after being swept into office on the crest of a popular wave of change, Barack Obama seems to have hit his first snag. Polls are showing that more Americans have doubts about his health care reform plans now than they did several months ago. Obama is not entirely to blame for that – […]

Barack Obama’s Secret Plan: Cut Defense Spending

In the debate about the reform of health care in the US, the central issue is how it is going to be paid. The numbers mentioned are dazzling, and certainly to most US voters, who are getting a little nervous about how any health care reform is to be paid. Representatives, Senators and the President are locked in a political battle about the price tag(s). But on spending, there is one huge elephant in the room about whom nobody dares talk: defense spending, and cutting it to help finance health care reform.

The President Acted Stupidly

In the midst of a heated political battle over health care, when important senators need to be persuaded to finally cross the Rubicon, when President Obama finally called an all-important presser on prime time, carried live by national networks, he decided to lose it and veer off course. In probably one of his most important […]

On Obama’s “cold look” toward Europe…

Leave it to that lapdog of the British Conservatives and, had they been in the US, American Republicans to bash the bad old, looney left Europeans when it gets the opportunity. The Telegraph newspaper outdid itself once again. Columnist Janet Daley slaps ‘Old Europe’ on the wrist for sending Barack Obama back stateside, so called […]

Hillary should remain a Senator

Hillary Clinton should not become Obama’s Secretary of State, but should remain in the Senate instead, working to preserve unity among Democrats.

Don’t doubt the changed face of America

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