They don’t really care about Iran

All I wanna say is that / they don’t really care about us”, sang Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, while freedom fighters in Iran needed the world’s attention, few in the world cared about Iran – or anything else – when they heard that Jackson died. I wonder what he would have said about all this.

I guess the message is: “Hey, Iranians. We’ve been looking at vids for, like, weeks, and you didn’t do shit. Nothin’ happened, ‘cept for some people dyin’, right? No revolution. No change, no nuthin’. So, ah, Michael Jackson’s dead and I wanna know what the cause of death was. So I guess I’ll get back to you when, you know, when the Michael Jackson-stuff dies down.”

In the meantime, the theocratic regime seems to be succeeding in crushing the Moussavi supporters. “All I wanna say is / they don’t really care about us.”

And the West doesn’t, Iran. Westerners want it ALL, and they want it NOW. They want instant gratification. They don’t like it when their TV shows take too long to get to the climax, and you apparently took too long. So. Count on the West? Don’t count on it.

But you know… Revolutions only work when the revolutionaries follow a strategy and are organised. It seems the Moussavi movement was largely ad-hoc, allowing the theocratic fascist pigs in Qom and Tehran to play a little ‘divide & conquer’. And boy, did they succeed. Leave it to former revolutionaries to crush a revolution.

Although this by no means was a revolution; it was just Moussavi suddenly shifting gears when he realised that he wasn’t just losing the election, but losing it by abnormal margins.

The only thing that could possibly thwart the current regime is a thoroughly organised revolutionary movement that has a strategy, a set of tactics, media-saviness and high-level connections within the army.

As for the world’s attention, you’re up against Westerners who want their police shows to end in a conviction of the bad guy within 25 minutes. They hate cliffhangers.