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This bubble is different

The housing bubble that burst is different from any other bubble in recent times. The economic crater it caused is also much more frightening than anything seen in 50 years.


Don’t worry, global warming will end automatically…

There’s no need to panic, everything will be alright. Mother Nature will do her best to help the planet, and we’ll all be better for it. Of course, there will be a billion or two fewer of us and many animal species will have died out, not to mention entire parts of continents uninhabitable (‘Waterworld’ vs ‘Desertworld’), but in the end, global warming and the resulting climate change will stop without us having to do a whole lot about it. It may take a few generations but we can be sure that a lot more people will know how to swim — even the offspring of people currently living in deserts will get to see more water than their grandparents bargained for.

Naturally, the first to suffer will be the poor, those living in the countries which — unfortunately — also stand to be the new Biggest Polluters of the world, as the governments seek prosperity which will finally be in reach. Or so they thought…