Sequel 2 and RockFrog problem – can you help?

Sequel 2 and RockFrog are no longer communicating. I had both programmes installed on my Vista box, then decided to upgrade to Windows 7. I knew there’d possibly be some trouble but nothing Win7 couldn’t handle. I had earlier upgraded from XP to Vista, reinstalled all drivers and everything worked. I figured that upgrading to Win7 would be a walk in the park. Or so I thought. I had to of course reinstall Sequel 2, which I did. Then I reinstalled my E-MU Midi keyboard drivers. Then reinstalled the RockFrog driver. But suddenly, Sequel 2 doesn’t see Rockfrog anymore. Can you help? Read on…

I used to be that I could select the ‘ASIO 2.0 – RockFrog’ driver in the Audio Settings panel in Sequel 2, here:


…but as you can see, the ‘ASIO 2.0 – RockFrog’ is no longer there. Instead, a new driver called ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO driver’ seems to have replaced my RockFrog.

OK, so perhaps I did something wrong.  I went to ‘Recording Devices’ to see how Windows 7 identifies the RockFrog. This is what I get:


OK, that looks fine, too. When I plug my guitar into my RockFrog and play some, I can see that there’s a signal in the small blueish panel to the right. But I don’t hear anything, not even when I plug my headphone straight into the RockFrog. Still, there is a signal.

So did I go insane? What’s up? To all intents and purposes, the RockFrog seems to be recognised as an audio device correctly by Win7, I can see that the computer is getting a signal – but I’m not hearing anything, and Sequel 2 doesn’t recognise it.

So I digged some deeper into the system properties. Here is the System Manager’s rundown of the ‘Controllers for sound, video and games’:


There it is: the RockFrog, next to my Creative SB X-Fi. Right where it should be. No help there, so I digged some deeper…

…and went straight to the device’s properties and looked in detail at precisely what drivers Microsoft had assigned. Here’s the rundown:


Hmmm. I’m not sure but this looks like standard Microsoft Windows stuff to me, not any 3rd party JamMate drivers. But I could be mistaking.

So here I am. Again, the computer seems to be picking up my guitar’s signal when I play it plugged into the RockFrog. But I don’t hear it, and Sequel 2 doesn’t see the RockFrog.

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Similar problem for me – did you ever sort it? I can’t get any useful information from the web site and messages to their email address bounce.

I use Rock Frog with the Native Instruments amp simulator, but since upgrading from XP to Windows 7, the Rock Frog doesn’t work. The drivers apparently install OK, but the Rock Frog panel shows it as disconnected, even after it has apparently been successfully recognised as a USB device by Windows.

Not the same issue as you, but I’m tempted to dump the Rock Frog and buy one of the Vox Amp Plugs for practise.

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