So what about Rwanda, Hillary?

Hillary Clinton is asking for the American vote, so that she can become the new president of the US. She beats up George W Bush for the things he did, but what about the things her husband didn’t do? Such as Rwanda? Apparently, the black people of Rwanda — more specifically, the Tutsi population — could go fuck themselves f0r all the Clintons cared. Do we really want the Clintons to be able to make that kind of choice again? The Clintons obviously did not care about the mass killings in Rwanda. So why should anybody care about the Clintons?

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Too, true. Glad she wasnt elected, but we got obama instead.(not that great of a trade off) Same in somalia. Yes he sent aid there, but once there TF Ranger was by themselves with very little help, requests for other equipment that could have saved american lives that day was denied by washington, after the deaths of those 18 americans clinton pulled them out leaving the somalia to fend for themselves.

Hey Nick,

Sounds a lot like what happened to the Dutch in Srebrenica.
Saw your email adress by the way — you still active?

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