“C, U, M, S, H, O, T.”

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaqgrsUEoI4 A grammer game on Dutch national television: Laurens: “Cumshot. C, U, M, S, H, O, T.” Presenter: “Er – what was that?” Laurens: “Well, uh, it’s in the dictionary…” Presenter: “The dictio…? I don’t – wait, can you spell that one out for me again?” Laurens: “C, U, M, S, H, O, T.” Presenter: […]

Ron Paul nails it on Pakistan and Afghanistan

Half the time I think Ron Paul is an idiot. But the other half I think he actually has a point on a number of issues. This is one of them, on Pakistan and Afghanistan. “We say: ‘do it our way’. And if they do, we give them a lot of money. If they don’t, […]

The Whitest Boy Alive – Burning


Stephen Colbert destroys Glenn Beck