“C, U, M, S, H, O, T.”


A grammer game on Dutch national television:
Laurens: “Cumshot. C, U, M, S, H, O, T.”
Presenter: “Er – what was that?”
Laurens: “Well, uh, it’s in the dictionary…”
Presenter: “The dictio…? I don’t – wait, can you spell that one out for me again?”
Laurens: “C, U, M, S, H, O, T.”
Presenter: “OK. Right, I’m switching to JP [juror of the game] because I don’t know what the word means.”
JP: “Actually, I DO know what it  means but I’m not sure I can explain it at three minutes past seven in the evening…”
Presenter: “Why?”
JP: “Well, because it is a term – ”
Presenter: “No, wait, we have to be careful because it could be that children are watching this show.”
JP: “Exactly. So let’s say that it signifies a certain moment of a climax in the kind of movie you’d only be able to view very late in the evening.”
Presenter: “Laurens! You don’t need a dictionary for that, do you?!”

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