So, Democrats, what happened?

“Bailouts, AIG bonuses, stimulus, health care, cap and trade, taxes. All of the above. Bottom line, Obama and the Democrats inherited an anxious America. One that was willing to give the Democrats a shot at fixing things, but was terrified about the next shoes that could drop. And, in the end, what they saw from […]

Arlen ‘Judas’ Specter

Let there be no doubt: I drank an extra soda this evening in celebration of Arlen Specter’s switch to the Democrats. But as this fine article points out, Arlen Specter would have joined the Communist Party if that would have been in his interest. Hilarious.

Yes, Palin is a danger – to McCain

The pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin to the veep-slot of John McCain is what you might call a “gamble”. Republicans, of course, relieved that finally McCain’s campaign has gotten some positive mojo in the media for 48 hours straight, are calling Palin’s pick “fantastic”, “briliant”, “excellent”, etcetera. Team Obama has been remarkably careful in […]

The Case Against Barack Obama UPDATED

Barack Obama is destined to be the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. The young (46) Senator for Illinois has a number of advantages which he can exploit to the fullest. However, there are also two giant negatives that could pose severe problems for him during the general election — an election which will be […]