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Door een andere bril

“I am a British national of mixed ethnicity living in Amsterdam. We have serious social issues with Moroccan street crime here. They have no respect for the norms and values of Western culture and the crazy ones are easy converts for radical Imams. After 10 years of watching the situation deteriorate I am very happy that the voices of vulnerable people, those who are threatened by these street terrorists on a daily basis, is being heard. Even the most intelligent commentators who do not live here fail to understand how badly they behave and how much society is affected by this. They do not live up to their duties as citizens and now instead of being aided and supported by inclusive polices – which just failed – they are going to be excluded and punished. Even though it is a minority government this is the will of the people.

If the current talks succeed there will be harder laws, tougher sentencing, more powers given to the police. Then the Moroccans will riot and there will be blood on the streets. Thereafter it may escalate, with even harsher laws and further retaliation. Things will probably get worse before they get better but we will rid ourselves of the recidivists and I truly hope other European democracies take inspiration and follow suit.

Not all Muslims are bad of course, it’s just the subset that commit violence, intimidate and preach jihad but they behave so badly we must take draconian measures to preserve order in and the continuity of our societies.” 

Uit de reactiepanelen van een artikel over het komende minderheidskabinet met steun van Geert Wilders, in The Economist.