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Islamic fundametalists separate the world’s population into two parts: those who believe, and those who do not believe. Of course, those who do not believe must die, or redeem themselves by believing. This is probably the worst premise to start from if you want to sell a product because most people simply don’t like to be bullied into something. Ask the zealots that ring your doorbell every once in a while because they want to talk to you about Jesus Christ… But these Islamic fundamentalists are truly wild. I mean, when talking about having the wrong ideas about propaganda, consider this: Theo van Gogh called Islamic fundamentalists brutal savages, and then Mohammed Bouyeri proved his point by butchering him on the street.

Okay, so trying to convince people by means of force may be counter-productive. The mere fact that no one can prove which religion is growing fastest because naturally leaders of all religions state that theirs is doing best, clouds the debate somewhat but at least the fundamentalist’s can’t come out and say that their ‘PR-campaign’ isn’t working. And by the way, and according to several reports, it is actually Christianity that is the fastest growing religion in South Korea and China, and China is of course a country with a lot of people, so that in itself discounts the fundamentalist’s claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion once you realise that a significant proportion of the world’s population carries a Chinese passport.

But then what? What could possible be the goal of all these idiots who download copies of ‘The Islamist Cook Book’, with all kinds of recipes for bombs and what not? If their goal is to simply eradicate the unbelievers, then somebody somewhere high up the fundamentalist’s food chain must by now have realised that it is going to take a lot of badly constructed nail bombs to kill billions of people. With the rate things are going now, it would take them hundreds or even thousands of years to accomplish that goal. So that’s out the window too.

The only remaining goal could be to try to deepen the separation between the believers and the unbelievers – by blowing up so much stuff and people that the non-muslims start viewing all muslims as inherently bad people. In other words, one minority trying by force to convince the non-believing majority to start hating everyone from the muslim faith, thus creating a rapture, which in the end would hopefully force the moderate believers (which is the majority of muslims in the world) to side with the fundamentalists.

The challenge for the non-believers is to not give in to this goal. At the moment, right-wing non-believers are accusing all the ‘liberal, pot-bellied, Leftist apologists’ to abandon their moderate views of muslims and out of principle take a stand against all things muslim. But that is precisely what Osama bin Laden and his ilk want; it is their main goal out of which all else follows. They are not trying to convince all non-believers to become believers; that’s folly. Instead, they are trying to force-feed unbelievers hate against muslims. And if opinions voiced in the world wide media are anything to go by, they seem to be succeeding already in some corners of the world.


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