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Had enough? I have

Yes, the pic to the left indeed shows a bed. I dream of crashing on it and sleeping for days, if not weeks. I’m SO tired of this US election campaign – and I’m very glad that it’ll be over in a little over 36 hours. That’s also the reason why the site hasn’t been updated as often as you were probably used to by now. Sorry for that, but I simply cannot stand the election coverage anymore. However…

Wednesday will see the start of the post-election coverage. Some pundits, including me, have already been ‘previewing’ an Obama presidency. There will be a LOT more coverage on that once the horse race is over, and journalists and pundits like me will have the time on their hands to take a second – no, third – forget that, fourth – awww shucks, n-th look at president-elect Barack Obama.

And I’m getting a little worried, because Obama continues to make some of the same mistakes Clinton made. Like pissing off the press mightily by sealing himself off. Sure, he’s available for soft, controlled question sessions, but the last time he held a big press conference was on September 12.

Whenever a reporter asks a question, Obama reacts with an arrogant demeanor. He needs to stop that.

Journalists are never your friends, that’s true – but you also don’t want to make them your enemies. Ask Bill Clinton, and how he felt the press treated him for almost his entire first term.