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McCain’s velcro economy message

John McCain is desparately trying to neutralize the economy as the dominant issue in the presidential election campaign. To that end, he changes tack whenever the winds of opportunity demand it.

Two weeks ago on Monday, he said that the government should not bail out AIG. But Wednesday, after Barack Obama more or less came out in support of the bailout, McCain suddenly supported it.

Last Friday, McCain made several public statements about his plans for the economy — and his ‘plans’ seemed a combination of what Treasury secretary Henry Paulson had been proposing, what Obama said, and what Congress want.

Now, McCain has come out and said what he feels should be changed in Paulson’s plan. And again, McCain’s proposals are a carbon copy of what most Democrats on the Hill have been saying, and what has been emanating from Team Obama for several days.

Of course, Obama came out officially stating what he feels should be changed — which is almost exactly what his co-Democrats on the Hill want, which is logical as Obama is a Democrat too — and now McCain is yappin’ like a little kid that Obama is copying his ideas!

It seems to be policy in the McCain camp.  Whatever the plan or idea, if it clashes with popular opinion, don’t mention it. Stick to whatever’s popular instead, and stick to it like velcro.

During the weekend, Democrats and Obama started objecting to some points in the Paulson, and guess what? McCain started objecting, too. Then on Monday, Democrats wanted the government to impose bonus and pay limits on CEOs of investment banks that are being bailed out.

And almost immediately, there was Mr Deregulator, John McCain, who said that he too is now in favour of pay limits. PAY LIMITS!? John McCain, a Republican, wants to regulate the pay of CEOs of private companies…???

Is John McCain the second coming of Karl Marx? Not even Newt Gingrich can believe what McCain is saying these days.

But of course, the Anybody But Obama crowd can. They’ve never even heard of socio-economic ideology. All they know is what they’ve been told by their parents, and that is that anyone titled ‘Democrat’ is an instrument of the devil himself. And so they’ll vote for McCain.

And so it will be.