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Oh ye of low intelligence…

Every four years in America, somebody takes out a cattle prod and slams it up the bum of approximately half the population. Those are the ones who go out to vote during presidential elections. Suddenly, they wake up, pull their heads from the sand, and in their naivete expect the political campaigns to inform them about the candidates and their positions.

Like I said, every four years. But this year’s voter vintage seems exceptionally stupid.

Honestly, you can approximately tell half of the voters anything you want, and they’ll believe you. If a politician says that his opponent wants to raise your taxes? Believe him. Don’t check it, don’t go onto the internet, and by all means, don’t read a newspaper. The guy who said it was wearing a suit, right? And he was on TV, right? Well, then it’s gotta be true, Bubba!

Don’t believe it? Think I’m being too harsh on your average American voter? They’re “not stupid!” you scream as you sit there in front of your screen, foaming while your arms flail in utter disgust at the remarks above? Well, read this informative excerpt from the Washington Post:

A Washington Post-ABC News poll taken Sept. 5 to Sept. 7 found that 51 percent of voters think Obama would raise their taxes, even though his plan would actually cut taxes for the overwhelming majority of Americans. Obama has proposed eliminating income taxes on seniors making less than $50,000 a year, but 41 percent of those seniors say their income taxes would go up in an Obama administration.

I don’t know about you, but I was flabbergasted. At least we now know why the Republicans are always doing their best to destroy the education system – they want more of those stupid idiots!

So. As I said. You can make voters believe anything you want. And Team McCain knows it. The Republicans have been winning elections this way for years. Of course, it does mean that you end up with people like George W. Bush at the helm.

I’m beginning to think that the country deserves another 4 years of disaster.