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Race does matter

Many a time have I been scolded for assuming publicly that the colour of Barack Obama’s skin would play its part in the upcoming election. Many a times have I been warned that racism in America is on the wane. Many a times have I been scolded for being prejudiced about Americans.

Well, they were right: not all Americans are prejudiced towards black people. Not all, just many.

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On Ayaan Hirsi Ali: First the facts, then the opinions please

Much has been said about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, both in the Netherlands and abroad, and in order to discuss her, it is wise to first be fully acquinted with facts. But once again, a writer from abroad, this time Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post, has written this column about Ms Hirsi Ali littered with factual mistakes, which – sadly – give a wrong impression about the Dutch view on Ms Hirsi Ali.. Based on fuzzy facts, Ms Applebaum next accuses the Dutch state of betraying Ayaan Hirsi Ali, abandoning her and leaving her to her own devices. At, an obviously very angry Christopher Hitchens does the same. Yet the story from a Dutch perspective, Ms Applebaum and Mr Hitchens, is found below, and it migh be enlightening.