Terminator Salvation is a mess

Finally got to see Terminator Salvation. And what a mess it was. Every person concerned with the writing of the plot needs a swift kick up the arse. There were so many blatent plotholes and outright errors that TS came dangerously close to the idiocy that was ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’. And WATCH IT: spoilers ahead!


Batman: The Dark Knight review: 7/10

Why so serious, indeed. Because there’s not a whole lot to be serious about when it comes to ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, the latest instalment in the Batman franchise, made by director Christopher Nolan. It’s a fun movie, but not a very good one. In fact, if Heath Ledger hadn’t been in it to freewheel as a psychopath, this movie would have been a disaster, as the last 30 minutes of it prove.