Terminator Salvation is a mess

Finally got to see Terminator Salvation. And what a mess it was. Every person concerned with the writing of the plot needs a swift kick up the arse. There were so many blatent plotholes and outright errors that TS came dangerously close to the idiocy that was ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’. And WATCH IT: spoilers ahead!


Terminator Salvation: John Connor must die

The ending to Terminator: Salvation has been changed after the previous scripted ending was leaked. It held that John Connor dies, and that ‘good guy’ pseudo-Terminator Marcus Wright takes his place by changing into Connor’s body. A ridiculous idea, and it was changed after a massive outcry among the fanbase. I have a fairly good idea of the new ending.

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Terminator: Salvation storyline unravelled

I think I know what the storyline of Terminator: Salvation is. At it’s core, it’s Aeschylus’s myth of ‘Prometheus’, as the movie’s director McG unveiled here some time ago. But there’s a twist: instead of using the Greek Aeschylus’s original, the writers have turned to the version of Percy Bysshe Shelley, and likely also threw in parts from ‘Frankenstein’, written by Mary Shelley, Percy’s wife. Be aware, though: what follows, probably contains spoilers.