Sisyfus Obama

Obama krijgt waarschijnlijk zijn tweede termijn, maar met veel liefde zal het niet gaan. In plaats van de enthousiaste meute die in 2008 stond te popelen om de nieuwe belofte in het Witte Huis te krijgen, moet Obama vechten voor iedere stem. Daarna zal hij vier jaar lang in de loopgraven moeten doorbrengen om zijn […]

What’s the plan, Obama?

Careful, wondering, happy, elated, satisfied, questioning, disappointed, confused, nervous, shocked, angry, furious. Never before has a US President created such a torrent of emotions among his (former) political supporters. But that is exactly what Obama has done. Since his inauguration, Obama has pushed away many of his closest allies in the electoral playing field. And […]

Only re-election can save Obama’s legacy

Obama’s signature reforms hang in the balance. To preserve them, re-election in 2012 is not merely an option: it is an obligation. If he wins re-election, he will gain the strongest possible ally in his quest to solidify his reforms, and thus his legacy: time.

So, Democrats, what happened?

“Bailouts, AIG bonuses, stimulus, health care, cap and trade, taxes. All of the above. Bottom line, Obama and the Democrats inherited an anxious America. One that was willing to give the Democrats a shot at fixing things, but was terrified about the next shoes that could drop. And, in the end, what they saw from […]

COLUMN: Geheime inzet Nederlanders niets nieuws

Nederland kent veel openheid. Juist daarom gebeurt hier zoveel in het geheim. Zoals het inzetten van militairen.

Hillary should remain a Senator

Hillary Clinton should not become Obama’s Secretary of State, but should remain in the Senate instead, working to preserve unity among Democrats.

Lurch to the left? No. A correction? Yes.

Republicans are astonished and, in some cases, sickened by the ‘lurch to the left’ that America made by voting for Barack Obama. To them, I say: don’t be silly.

Don’t doubt the changed face of America

Had enough? I have

Obama, the new Bill Clinton?